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july 13 the traveling trader event and activity check is now over! the otms are now up as well. if you have any questions/concerns regarding either, please direct all questions to lecc! in addition, the pride event is still going on until july 17th! be sure to post as much as you can in both scenario or social threads. in addition, the FESTIVAL is still on-going so be sure to post an appeal! if you don't, you'll miss out on some awesome prizes!

july 4 happy july 4th everyone! we have our july updates up here where you can read about rule changes, store updates, and event information! keep in mind pride fest is going on until july 17th and julianna is in town until july 11th. in addition, make sure to post in the activity check if you don't want to be deleted! and tell your friends too!

june 18 another update is up, which you can read about here! the most exciting news of all: pride fest is now here in jinoa! please be sure to read the event info, as well as the details of each scenario. that being said, we hope everyone will have lots of fun!

june 6 june updates are now up! you can read more about them here. in addition, we have updated the rules and the site store. check the latter out for new categories, such as eggs and mega accessories. keep a look out, because we have a few more things we'll be rolling out soon too! wish you all the best!

may 30 otms are now up! vote for them here. in addition, julianna is now traveling through jinoa and is offering rare trades for any trainer who can get her the pokemon she desires. check it out here!

may 7 thank you for your patience everyone, but the may update is now up! check out this thread regarding information about mega pokemon, event prizes, and more. also be sure to post in this month's activity check if you don't want to be deleted!

april 15 attention! the flash event has been extended to april 30th, and a new pokerental system has been added for the event as well. check it out here! in addition, the otms are now updated; be sure to congratulate everyone who won!

april 2 happy april everyone! check out the new updates here to find out about cool new details such as a pokefinder app, advertising incentive, and a new flash event! in addition, everyone make sure to vote for this months otms here!

march 26 jinoa now has 2 new pokemods. everyone, please welcome lotte and blur to our pokemod team! 🎉🥂

march 25 attention! we now have a new live preview for our bio form, thanks to cassie. everyone please be sure to send her lots of love and check out the app form.

march 17 happy st. patrick's day everyone! to celebrate the holiday, we'll be running a special event: lucky's shamrock n' roll! to find out more details, click here. in addition, for a limited time, everyone who posts will obtain twice as many pokepoints. so what're you waiting for? get to posting!

march 10 hey guys! it's been little more than a week since the site's re-opening, and we're doing great so far. we've made some more updates to the site, including new directories, rule changes, new skins, and now we're currently hosting an egg giveaway! if you want more details, click here! in addition, mod auditions are still open and we're still encouraging everyone to advertise. happy saturday everyone!

march 7 jinoa now has a new skin! it's titled memories which can be found at the menu at the bottom of the main page. the purpose of this skin is a bit more minimalistic, and should be helpful for those who find the main skin's text too small to read. if you find any kinks, please pm lecc or tag her in the discord chat.

in addition, please welcome our old pokemod canary back to jinoa! if you're interested in becoming a pokemod too, check out this thread.

march 4 gen 7 is finally making it's way to jinoa! the wild pokemon list has also been updated to reflect this. not all pokemon have yet made the cut-off, but keep your eye out for future updates if you don't see your favorite gen 7 pokemon just yet.

feb 28 re-opening of jinoa! we made a new skin titled 'new beginnings' but if you want to go back to the old skin, just click on the menu at the very bottom of the page.

also, if you see a broken img or need something archived moved back, just pm lecc.

for more information on the updates, click here. thanks!! we're looking forward to rping with all of you!

august 25th check out the update on our new application form and tweaks to our team rocket system here.

august 8th the activity check is officially over and say congrats to our brand new pokémods, canary and venus! in addition, make sure to vote for your otms here as well as post with your characters in the ongoing flash event in cubic city.

august 3rd. there's a flash event in cubic city. earn a prize for participating in it here.

the activity check ends on august 8th.

august 1st. jinoa is having its first activity check + otm nominations! it ends on august 8th, so be sure to post in the thread before then.

the travel + mod request rules have been modified. read about it here.

mod auditions will end on august 3rd, so if you're interested, check out the thread here.

july 27th. mod auditions will end a week from now on august 3rd. if you're interested in auditioning, check out the thread here.

july 18th. staff are holding auditions for two pokémod positions, check out the thread here.

july 16th. the egg giveaway has ended! stay tuned for more things in the weeks to come.

june 23rd. jinoa has been open for a whole week! thanks to everyone who has joined so far. we have a new skin called "zero" + a new custom profile with more custom fields to fill out. if you see any funky coding please let staff know.

the egg giveaway will run until july 16th, so be sure to check it out!

june 15th. welcome to the grand opening of the jinoa region! to celebrate, we're hosting a month-long giveaway. for more information, check out THIS thread.

also, don't forget to join the jinoa discord! it's a great way to communicate between members. more information can be found HERE or by pming one of us!

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 First Badge Battle, Gym battle
zane zangari
 Posted: Apr 29 2018, 03:36 PM

N/A posts

Zane had just put out his cigarette out having researched that this gym was a bug type gym. He wanted to be respectful so he didn't try smoking in the gym. He ran his hand through his red ruffled, spiked, and messed up red hair. His Amber Golden colored eyes looking up at the sky. As she sighed thinking "What does this gym hold for me. Wonder if you would have like it here friend." He was thinking about his best friend Souh that had died when he was younger still memories of it still plagued him today.

Zane stood 6'8" slightly hunched over. He was also quite built. He wore his usual clothes which included. A white sleeved tshirt or v-neck, which today it was the t-shirt. With a black leather jacket over it, dark blue jeans, a simple brown belt, and black boots. Attached to the belt was a small chain with his first pokemon's pokeball attached to it. The silver chain attached from his belt to his back pocket. He had on a silver star necklace, silver ring on his right finger, and a silver earring in his left ear that belonged to his friend Suoh.

Next to Zane was his adopted daughter who appeared to be 10 years old. She had pale white skin, was short in height, and had redish purple eyes. She wears an outfit very reminiscent of (Japanese) Gothic Lolita fashion, consisting of a long black and red dress. Her dress contains many layered ruffles on the skirt and sleeves; there is also a space for her to place her red marbles in. Over her shoulders, Juliet wears a matching, also multiple layered, ruffled shawl, with a similar piece being worn on her waist over the bottom portion of her dress. Juliet wears long white stockings underneath and red Mary Jane's. She completes her outfit with multiple ribbons for accessories, with one being tied over her hair, and a miniature top hat on the left side of her head. She was holding onto Zane's smiling but being shy and careful as always. She was excited to see this pokemon battle.

Zane sighed once more then smiled at Juliet "Well let's go in now". As they walked into the gym. They looked around the gym. Juliet was in awe of the gym. Zane however didn't show as much excitement. He found his way to the battle field. When he saw the gym leader he introduced himself "Hey I'm Zane Zangari, and if you wouldn't mind I have come for a pokemon gym battle. I currently have three pokemon with me" he said being straight with what he was here for.She wears an outfit very reminiscent of Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion, consisting of a long black and red dress. Her dress contains many layered ruffles on the skirt and sleeves; there is also a space for her to place her red marbles in. Over her shoulders, Anna wears a matching, also multiple layered, ruffled shawl, with a similar piece being worn on her waist over the bottom portion of her dress. Anna wears long white stockings underneath and red Mary Jane's. She completes her outfit with multiple ribbons for accessories, with one being tied over her hair, and a miniature top hat on the left side of her head.
 Posted: May 30 2018, 03:02 AM

206 posts


Morning was easily Acacia's favorite time of the day.

First of all, it was absolutely beautiful — the way the light streamed through the windows and open space, soft shades sprinkling down upon the flowers that line each and every corner of the gym. Sunlight came in small doses and filled up the gym's living space slowly and carefully, each touch, each breath, each whisper it's own splash of color.

And in it's own way, the accompanying quiet was beautiful too. Though people certainly rose early in Erinite compared to other cities, there were not many people who came rushing in to the gym. Trainers were often dozing the day away in one of towns very affordable hostels, or even the pokemon center, where as tourists were often far and few in-between. No one wanted to come to a town that was basically barren, let alone closed off to all modern technology and communication.

And it was the quiet that was her favorite, after all.

Ceremoniously, the silence of the gym was breached upon the first challenger of the day entering. The building seemed empty except for it's gym leader, and Zane would be able to find her kneeled in front of a potted plant, pale fingers delicately caressing one of the petals edges. As she noticed the tall man's presence, she glanced at him and then stood up, tucking her hair behind her ear.

"Welcome, Mr. Zangari." Her voice was soft, but was clear amongst the quiet of the gym. "I am Acacia, leader of the Erinite Gym."

She wore simple clothes; a white blouse accompanied by a long, floral skirt that only complimented her surroundings. At the man's words, she nodded, an acceptance of his challenge. Gesturing with a hand for the man to follow, she led him out of the gym and into a small clearing nearby that was paved with soil and bordered by more potted plants. Glancing around, she murmured, "Joshua? " Sure enough, peeking out behind a settlement of ferns, hands wrapped around some empty weeds, was a teenage boy with bright eyes and dark hair.

"Hi! I'll be the judge," he informed Zane, jogging up onto the small wooden step on the side of the battle field as Acacia made her way to the other side. When she was there, she pulled a pokeball from the small handmade bag slung around her waist. Clicking it open, her first pokemon appeared in a burst of light: a Masquerain. Elegantly, he came fluttering forward and hovered at the center of the arena.

Glancing first at Acacia for affirmation, the judge then nodded at Zane. "Best two out of three, okay? Normal rules, and you can start whenever you're ready. "

masquerain is waiting for you to make the first move!

[+] thank you zane zangari for waiting so patiently! ok, let's get the show on the road! just a reminder, always make sure to show the team you're traveling with in all your posts and for battles put your stats (level, ability, any hold items your pokemon may be holding, etc.) underneath your post. thanks!
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