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 hello, - closed for lotte, mod
megumi tensei
 Posted: Jul 2 2018, 07:24 PM

9 posts


Megumi’s heart was pounding like a drum in a summer festival. The excitement, the thrill, the anxiety reminded her of her the day she had received her first her partners. Back in Johto, the only friends she had were Pokemon. Her parents didn’t really leave room for hanging out like other kids her age. The only joy of companionship she had known back then were the company of family and Pokemon.

What didn’t surprise her was the contrasting personalities of each Pokemon. Her eyes darted from one Pokemon to another, her smile growing wider and warmer as each made a pitch to show off their colors. A confident Bulbasaur approached them first, oozing with a charisma of a grown up, taking a stern, gentle tone with the Fennekin on Hirumi’s shoulders.

Oh my, you’re so adorable, Bulba-chan! I’m sure everyone here would miss you if someone were to choose you.”  She knelt down, one leg before the other, her ceremony habits kicking in, and scratched the Bulbasaur’s head. “You must keep everyone in line here.

Erin decided it was best for all of them to see their choices at the same time, and released the rest of the lab’s starters. She sighed in defeat. They were all so adorable. One last stroke on the Bulbasaur’s head and she stood up to look at what Hiromi would do. The coordinator recognized all of the starters at first glance, all except one that had scrambled to hide from them. Her head craned towards the general area where the little grass-type had decided to seek refuge.

The Popplio’s rather forward comment on being the finest thing to walk through these doors made her laugh a little. The water-type was cute… in a goofy kind of way. A squirtle sporting shads decided to steal the stage by announcing itself as a super hero, along with the Squirtle squad.  It was apparent that the Popplio had more than an issue of having his spotlight stolen.

Normally, she would have taken measures to stop the bickering, but Megumi had been right. Bulbasaur kept the others in check, from misbehaving.  She glanced at Fennekin with curiosity in her eyes, who wanted to shift the attention towards the Snivy, holding a painting with him. The two must be close, for Fennekin to forsake attention and give it to his friend.

But amidst all the ensuing cacophony, there was one Pokemon who wasn’t enjoying themselves at all. Megumi stepped out of the crowd to slowly, but casually approach the Chikorita who had decided to hide. She heard Hiromi make her decision. The Popplio’s charm had completely won her over.

“Hello, there.” She said to no one particular, but something told her, the Chikorita was listening. “Won’t you come out? I promise I won’t hurt you.

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notes ★  thanks for waiting!
 Posted: Jul 3 2018, 07:24 PM

23 posts


megumi tensei AND hiromi nishikawa

Amidst Squirtle and Popplio's bickering, Chikorita's retreat, and Fennekin's exclamation, Erin merely said nothing. She allowed for the two girls to make their independent decisions of the Pokemon without her input. The group of six Pokemon weren't necessarily bad, but they each had their own quirks that gave them the diversity that Cubic City Laboratory prided itself on providing to incoming trainers. Bulbasaur had been here the longest of the six, maintaining a level of care and management unmatched by other assistants. He would be missed if he left. The shy Chikorita, on the other hand, was the most recent arrival. She had "failed" three introductions already, and the failure to be picked was gradually wearing away at her already fragile confidence.

Erin knew Popplio's comment wavered on a fine line between sarcasm and honesty. With the style of a princess, her arrogance matched the assumption she'd made of her true purpose in life. Hiromi's seemingly cheerful and accepting reception of the compliment prompted a huff of laughter from Erin. From Popplio, however, it prompted a prideful puff of her chest. She didn't say thank you, but it was quite apparent that Hiromi's small compliment had bumped her ego up another step.

"What?!" Squirtle was, obviously, shocked. Any compliment directed at his arch-nemesis, Popplio, was a shock. "You gotta be careful if you're gonna compliment that thing. Your comments gonna boost up her ego real bad." Before Popplio could retort, and before Squirtle could continue, the beginning of a new argument was concluded by Hiromi's eager decision. That was enough of a win for Popplio. Squirtle didn't deserve a retort from her now, she had successfully beat out his obnoxious ego. She hadn't even needed to lift a paw. Still, she smirked at Squirtle as she waddled to Hiromi. "Who has the big ego now? I got here after you and I'm still leaving first." That had nothing to do with an ego, but alas. "Why don't you go prepare all my things proper for my departure." Obviously, Squirtle refused. "Do. It." She repeated. Squirtle turned his head away, ignoring her.

On Hiromi's shoulder, Fennekin's disappointment was obvious and he pounded his paws against Hiromi's shoulder. "Nooooo!!! I wanted to go with you. Why are you so stupid, Popplio?!! Go home!" Poppmlio acknowledged Fennekin's pointless comment with a brief glance, only answering after she turned away. "Go join Squirtle in preparing my things, Fennekin." He, as Squirtle had, ignored her.

Snivy, by the way, just ignored all of them. A smart decision.

Meanwhile, cowering beneath the shadow of the front desk's overhand, was Chikorita. Her entire body trembled as she stared at the five other Pokemon bicker and converse with the trainers. She, too, wanted to go with them. But the prior three failures were enough to strip her confidence. Nobody would want her. A thought deemed truth upon Hiromi's prompt decision to take Popplio. Oh, she wanted to go, but nobody would -

She froze.

The other girl, the one not choosing Popplio, had approached her. Chikorita covered herself with her leaf, leaving only a small gap to stare at the girl's legs. In response to the girl's question, she rapidly shook her head. In this case, Erin felt the need to step in, scooting beside Megumi and speaking gently. "So - Chikorita hasn't been here very long, but she's the absolute sweetest girl. Just very, very shy and timid. Loud noises absolutely terrify her. I'm sure this rowdy bunch isn't helping." She lowered her voice even more, so only Megumi could hear. "The last three trainers that came through here passed on her for other Pokemon. It's shaken her confidence a lot." Erin raised her voice to a regular volume, "Come here, Chiki. Megumi won't hurt you."

Cautiously, fearfully, Chikorita crawled forward towards Erin, although her wide eyes never left the direction of Megumi's legs, whose eyes she had still failed to meet. "Hello." She squeaked, embarrassing herself immediately at the sound of her own voice.

pound, water gun, growl, aqua ring
Regal and darling, Popplio is the flashiest of the flashy. With attitude to match. Adorned in a sparkly tiara and “faux” diamonds, the Popplio believes herself to be royalty, deserving of everything and anything. Most other Pokemon are automatically dubbed her ‘servants’ and commanded to do her bidding. “No” is not an answer she’ll take without an argument, and she’ll only stop once she feel she is victorious of if you make the wise decision to completely ignore her. In addition, Popplio is undeniably a prissy creature, snubbing anything that she doesn’t feel suits her unreachable standards. She’s the type of Pokemon who has never worked a day in her life and refuses to get a single paw dirty. Oh, and hell will reign if it happens. She’ll moan and she’ll groan and you’ll never hear the end of it, even for weeks after the event. All that said, Popplio is actually quite skilled in contests, so long as she feels the competition is worthwhile. If it’s not, she’ll barely put in any effort. If it is, Popplio is an expert at using her flashy nature and great sense of style to impress the judges. On the other hand, battles are a completely different story. The only battle motivation Popplio has is her desire to one day become the gorgeous Primarina, which she feels suits well into her bloodline of royalty. It’ll just take a lot of effort for her to get past her germaphobic nature. Oh, and before we forget. Be careful if she loses. It’ll always be your fault. Not hers.

megumi tensei
 Posted: Jul 12 2018, 01:18 AM

9 posts


The idea of not being wanted hit a little close to home. Really close. She gave one glance at Erin, who had decided to step in between their little get together. It was really nice to see that the staff at the laboratory weren’t sloppy in taking care of these Pokemon, specially fragile souls such as the Chikorita. She was so adorable and cute, even if she was cowering behind her leaf. The instinct of smothering her between her arms was strong, but she forced it deep down. The Chikorita reminded her so much of her sister. They both longed for acceptance, but couldn’t handle denial very well.

I see.” Megumi commented to no one in particular, and gave the grass-type one of her warmest smiles. “ If that had been me, I would’ve been shaken too.

Megumi decided Chikorita was the one for her. If she could become friends with this little one, then maybe she’d have a chance trying to convince Nae to come back home. “ You know, I have a sister who’s just like you… Chiki, is it?” She slowly knelt down as the Chikorita came to say hello. “ Hello to you too. Like you, she wanted to be loved. I used to sing her a song I made up to cheer her up.

The coordinator took her ipod out and played a song she had composed for herself. “ Now, I’m not a very good singer, but I can sing.

She pressed play and started to sing in low volumed, and slowly raised it to her regular speaking tone. It was a song of happiness in it’s simplest form. She had yet to add lyrics to it but she sang anyway/ What she wanted to convey was that she was loved and not alone. Something that both Nae and this Chikorita needed to know. After the song, she extended one hand to the grass type.

She’s missing now though… won’t you help me find her?

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