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july 13 the traveling trader event and activity check is now over! the otms are now up as well. if you have any questions/concerns regarding either, please direct all questions to lecc! in addition, the pride event is still going on until july 17th! be sure to post as much as you can in both scenario or social threads. in addition, the FESTIVAL is still on-going so be sure to post an appeal! if you don't, you'll miss out on some awesome prizes!

july 4 happy july 4th everyone! we have our july updates up here where you can read about rule changes, store updates, and event information! keep in mind pride fest is going on until july 17th and julianna is in town until july 11th. in addition, make sure to post in the activity check if you don't want to be deleted! and tell your friends too!

june 18 another update is up, which you can read about here! the most exciting news of all: pride fest is now here in jinoa! please be sure to read the event info, as well as the details of each scenario. that being said, we hope everyone will have lots of fun!

june 6 june updates are now up! you can read more about them here. in addition, we have updated the rules and the site store. check the latter out for new categories, such as eggs and mega accessories. keep a look out, because we have a few more things we'll be rolling out soon too! wish you all the best!

may 30 otms are now up! vote for them here. in addition, julianna is now traveling through jinoa and is offering rare trades for any trainer who can get her the pokemon she desires. check it out here!

may 7 thank you for your patience everyone, but the may update is now up! check out this thread regarding information about mega pokemon, event prizes, and more. also be sure to post in this month's activity check if you don't want to be deleted!

april 15 attention! the flash event has been extended to april 30th, and a new pokerental system has been added for the event as well. check it out here! in addition, the otms are now updated; be sure to congratulate everyone who won!

april 2 happy april everyone! check out the new updates here to find out about cool new details such as a pokefinder app, advertising incentive, and a new flash event! in addition, everyone make sure to vote for this months otms here!

march 26 jinoa now has 2 new pokemods. everyone, please welcome lotte and blur to our pokemod team! 🎉🥂

march 25 attention! we now have a new live preview for our bio form, thanks to cassie. everyone please be sure to send her lots of love and check out the app form.

march 17 happy st. patrick's day everyone! to celebrate the holiday, we'll be running a special event: lucky's shamrock n' roll! to find out more details, click here. in addition, for a limited time, everyone who posts will obtain twice as many pokepoints. so what're you waiting for? get to posting!

march 10 hey guys! it's been little more than a week since the site's re-opening, and we're doing great so far. we've made some more updates to the site, including new directories, rule changes, new skins, and now we're currently hosting an egg giveaway! if you want more details, click here! in addition, mod auditions are still open and we're still encouraging everyone to advertise. happy saturday everyone!

march 7 jinoa now has a new skin! it's titled memories which can be found at the menu at the bottom of the main page. the purpose of this skin is a bit more minimalistic, and should be helpful for those who find the main skin's text too small to read. if you find any kinks, please pm lecc or tag her in the discord chat.

in addition, please welcome our old pokemod canary back to jinoa! if you're interested in becoming a pokemod too, check out this thread.

march 4 gen 7 is finally making it's way to jinoa! the wild pokemon list has also been updated to reflect this. not all pokemon have yet made the cut-off, but keep your eye out for future updates if you don't see your favorite gen 7 pokemon just yet.

feb 28 re-opening of jinoa! we made a new skin titled 'new beginnings' but if you want to go back to the old skin, just click on the menu at the very bottom of the page.

also, if you see a broken img or need something archived moved back, just pm lecc.

for more information on the updates, click here. thanks!! we're looking forward to rping with all of you!

august 25th check out the update on our new application form and tweaks to our team rocket system here.

august 8th the activity check is officially over and say congrats to our brand new pokémods, canary and venus! in addition, make sure to vote for your otms here as well as post with your characters in the ongoing flash event in cubic city.

august 3rd. there's a flash event in cubic city. earn a prize for participating in it here.

the activity check ends on august 8th.

august 1st. jinoa is having its first activity check + otm nominations! it ends on august 8th, so be sure to post in the thread before then.

the travel + mod request rules have been modified. read about it here.

mod auditions will end on august 3rd, so if you're interested, check out the thread here.

july 27th. mod auditions will end a week from now on august 3rd. if you're interested in auditioning, check out the thread here.

july 18th. staff are holding auditions for two pokémod positions, check out the thread here.

july 16th. the egg giveaway has ended! stay tuned for more things in the weeks to come.

june 23rd. jinoa has been open for a whole week! thanks to everyone who has joined so far. we have a new skin called "zero" + a new custom profile with more custom fields to fill out. if you see any funky coding please let staff know.

the egg giveaway will run until july 16th, so be sure to check it out!

june 15th. welcome to the grand opening of the jinoa region! to celebrate, we're hosting a month-long giveaway. for more information, check out THIS thread.

also, don't forget to join the jinoa discord! it's a great way to communicate between members. more information can be found HERE or by pming one of us!

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THE JINOA REGION latest news: 03. jinoa guidebook
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Within this board you will find the essential information regarding Jinoa Region including rules, plot information, ranks, and much more. Please read through everything in this board before proceeding to make your application. If you have any questions about the content, feel free to contact an administrator or global moderator.
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No New Posts announcements
This is the place where staff will post site updates, activity checks, events, and more! Be sure to check this board often to keep yourself up-to-date with current events and account clean outs.
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Once you've read the threads within the guidelines board, you may create your character. Check the application thread within this board for information on how to make your character. WIP applications must be posted in the proper subboard. The Directory can also be found in this board.
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No New Posts directory
this board is where all the directory threads are posted. the member directory pinned in this board is mandatory, but the rest are optional.
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If you're looking for character plots or relationships, post a thread in this board. You can also post adoptable characters here if you have any. This board contains a mod request thread and an open threads list.

mod requestsopen threads

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In: mod requests
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No New Posts technology
This board allows characters to talk to each other without needing to see each other face-to-face. They can call, text, instant message, or use any other method of communication. This is also the board where people can put their character's social media.
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By: Marrubi Espiga

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No New Posts cubic city
As many cities once were, Cubic City began as a small town situated not far from the sandy coast of a vast ocean. While a small town and unknown to most of the world, local trainers from Cubic City and surrounding areas could travel here to acquire their first starter from the Cubic City Laboratory. Over the years this small town has grown and expanded as the popularity of traveling across the region to train and compete increased. Once a quaint area in the midst of a forest this city has grown immensely replacing small cabins and dirt roads with towering buildings and bustling streets and is now an extremely popular tourist location. New travelers from across Jinoa and even foreign regions now travel to Cubic City for the opportunity to receive their starters and begin their own journeys.
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18 131 Today at 01:58 am
In: From Me to Us
By: Masquerade
No New Posts r1 - lazuli river
Cubic City's concrete roads peter out into dirt paths and tall, industrial buildings give way to sparsely-grown trees and bushes. Route One is the first route many new trainers venture down and it's anything but the untamed wilderness one might expect. Volunteers and rangers keep it as neatly landscaped as they have the time and money for, tourists are always picnicking beside the river or taking pictures of freshly planted flowers, and the wild Pokémon spend more time begging visitors for food than picking fights. Even the cool, freshwater river seems to move lazily as it winds its way down toward the coast. The further along the route a person goes, the more it becomes evident that volunteers don't have the resources to keep the whole route in pristine shape. The grass grows taller, ivy reclaims its skinny trees, and tulips are replaced with pale wildflowers. The route ends where the river begins, at a lake surrounded by open fields. Route One seems to shrink a little bit more with every decade - the city consumes one end while the farmlands consume the other.
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11 88 Jul 19 2018, 10:53 PM
In: A Lake of Lapis Lazuli
By: Nora Branwen
No New Posts r2 - shell's farmland
Shell's Farmland used to be a series of smaller, poorer farms before Shell bought their lands for a pretty penny and expanded his own business. The farm is spread over several rolling, grassy hills, overlooking the lake that empties out into the river on Route One. There's a well-worn dirt path that leads past lines of barns and silos and old, wooden homes. Farmers can always be found in and around their fenced-off properties, tilling soil or calling after livestock that refuse to obey orders. Bug- and Grass-type Pokémon can be found in abundance on this route, though they are referred only as "pests" by the farmers unfortunate enough to lose their crops to hungry Pokémon. A brave trainer can hop the fence and trespass into one of the pastures, but the likelihood of venturing into a field of territorial Tauros is very high. Past the farm, the dirt path winds through an open moor littered with wind turbines before it vanishes into the line of trees beyond the end of the route.
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6 14 Jul 10 2018, 12:46 AM
By: koi
No New Posts erinite village
Erinite is a simple village of a simple people. The people who live there are extremely eco-friendly and many of them, especially older villagers, shun technology (and technology-users) completely. They use electricity powered by the wind turbines on the moors outside of their village but it isn't uncommon to find a home that still sticks to candles and lanterns. They rely on mail brought by bird Pokémon to get most of their information on the outside world and the cell signal is so weak it might as well be nonexistent. Their homes are old, small, and wooden, built haphazardly wherever there is enough space between trees to lay a foundation. Almost every home has a garden, but at a glance many of them seem unused and overrun with weeds. The villagers embrace nature reclaiming what is hers, even if it means they have difficulty growing their own crops. Erinite used to have a plot of land in the fields nearby before Shell bought them out and many of them still feel bitter about losing their property. The people of Erinite aren't self-sufficient enough to live off their own land, so most of them are forced to either work for Shell or pack up and move to the city. The well-trodden path creates makeshift roads between their homes before leading deeper through the trees. The further a person wanders from the village, the denser the woods become. The ground becomes muddy and uneven until you're eventually ankle-deep in the water of the next route.
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6 2 May 30 2018, 03:02 AM
In: First Badge Battle
By: lecc
No New Posts r3 - malachite swamps
The path from Erinite Village leads into a thicket of trees and bushes that make up the surrounding forest. Deviating from the road isn't advised to new trainers because it's too easy to get yourself turned around in this part of the route. A third of the way through the woods and the ground starts to soften to mud beneath a person's feet. The trees and their inhabitants begin to thin out as the area grows swampy and wet. The water is murky and brackish. Some areas of the swamp are deep enough to go up to a person's chest, but others are only a few inches deep and much easier to traverse. There are no bridges because of bad blood between Erinite Village and Pearlshire, but there are brightly-colored, reflective signs on the ground to mark a path where the swamp isn't so deep. The closer a person gets to the end of the swamp, the more aware they become of the garbage smell coming off the water. Talk to any Erinite villager and they'll tell you that Pearlshire polluted the route, but to a passerby it just sounds like a bitter rumor until they see the Grimer floating on the water. After a bit of walking, the swamp turns back to mud and then to dry land. Then, the path eventually returns and a big PEARLSHIRE sign comes into view.
Forum Led by: Pokémod
2 27 Jul 11 2018, 11:03 PM
In: Summer Time Frights
By: lecc
No New Posts pearlshire
At the top of a hill rests Pearlshire, a city that has industrialized quickly in the last few decades. It used to be a little town that worked closely with neighboring Erinite, but an excess of visiting merchants made the economy boom. As the population grew and the town turned into a city, they began to reinvent their image as well. Pearl Town became known as Pearlshire and left behind its humbler roots for a more modern lifestyle. In the daytime, you can find most people congregating in the bazaar at the center of the city where people sell anything from trinkets to homemade wares. At night, people head out to bowling alleys or bars. It doesn't quite have the nightlife of other bigger cities in Jinoa, but it still tries to appeal to the influx of tourists that pass through. Many of the passersby are trainers that come here to challenge the Normal Gym. The residents are mostly made up of young people who like to be on top of the latest trends and fashion, but have a distinctly haughty attitude that makes friction between them and residents of other communities. In the back of Pearlshire, closest to Malachite Swamps, is an industrial area littered with factories.
Subforums: pearlshire gym, pokémon center, pearlshire inn, salon

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6 20 Jul 4 2018, 11:09 PM
In: no-mans-land
By: Masquerade
No New Posts r4 - crystal ruins
This area used to be a town where the elderly would go to retire away from the hustle and bustle of the city and where the rich and established set up their vacation homes. it was a comfortable place to be, seated between the pretty face of Pearlshire and glowing Sunstone City. To Team Rocket, it was a taking point, a place where they could intimidate both cities individually. They came in and trashed the place, sending people running from their homes. unfortunately for them, they overestimated the animosity between the communites, who later banded together and kicked them out of what was left of the little town. The fighting damaged what team rocket hadn't destroyed in their hasty search for riches and the affluent town became the Crystal Ruins that are still standing there today. There are empty buildings on the verge of collapse, broken walls, the husk of a chapel that's missing a wall. Rumor has it that precious items left behind by the old residents are buried beneath the ruins, but no one has proved it yet. Despite their involvement and despite how much they waffle over where and how to begin at meetings, Sunstone and Pearlshire haven't made an effort toward rebuilding the town. Nature is beginning to reclaim the town and many Pokémon are taking up residence in the abandoned homes.
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4 36 Jul 19 2018, 12:02 PM
In: hush
By: castaway
No New Posts sunstone city
Sunstone City gets its name from the giant, sun-shaped stone in the center of the city. At the right hour, at the right angle, the sun hits it and the subsequent beams of light radiating off it sets the whole place aglow. Most of its commerce comes from selling sunstones and other evolutionary items. The city seems to specialize in the mysteries of evolution. Ask any person on the street about evolution and they always have the answer you're looking for. That, or they're very good at faking it. Many residents here own Pokémon that can only evolve with a special item. This is the city you go to to settle down and start a family. There are public schools, a community college, and a sense of closeness between individuals within the community. People feel that this city is one of the safest since Team Rocket was driven out of the ruins, its size protecting them from invasion. True to its family-friendly nature, many practices shut down at 8PM, but there are a few hole-in-the-wall places to go for entertainment that stay open well into the night. Don't expect to see too many people on the streets at night, though; most of the residents go to bed early. Sunstone is the home of the Ground Gym and Cute Hall.
Subforums: sunstone gym, sunstone hall, pokémon center, shopping district, apartments

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3 5 Jul 10 2018, 06:02 PM
In: hunt for choochoo
By: vincent king
No New Posts r5 - abandoned carnival
A long time ago, this carnival used to be the prime place to bring your kids and spend a day there. Over time, it started to lose its customer base to the cities growing around it and it couldn't lower its prices fast enough to keep people around. Eventually, all of the workers were laid off or abandoned their duties after going weeks without a single patron. The Electric-types who helped keep the machinery running never got the memo, though, so they never left. It's not uncommon to see the merry-go-round suddenly start moving on its own, or for the old, animatronic fortune teller to blurt out your future as you walk past. The grass is overgrown here and the Electric-type population has only grown since the carnival was abandoned. Sometimes, Flying-types nest at the top of the ferris wheel, but there's no way of getting up there without having a Flying-type yourself. The carnival is not only infested with Ghost- and Electric-types, but also abandoned Pokémon with nowhere else to go. Especially pets who were misplaced when Team Rocket invaded the Crystal Ruins and who were too frightened of all the people in Sunstone City to enter. They tend to hide in the crevices of the machinery now, unused to human contact after so long.
Forum Led by: Pokémod
4 57 Jul 9 2018, 11:20 AM
In: Haunted as my heart
By: temero anderson
No New Posts sodalite junction
Sodalite Junction is known as the party city, the place a person goes to spend the whole night out. It's the city of bright lights and excitement. There are plenty of things to do past midnight, from going to clubs and bars to late-night movies to crashing a drunk stranger's party. Sodalite's residents have a reputation of being "bad" and "wild", but many of them are simply young and trying to live in the moment. in fact, most of them don't seem to have a plan for the future, at least not further than the night ahead of them. When the sun rises, however, the most of the citizens of Sodalite return to menial office work and mind-numbing food service jobs. Alongside the bustling nightlife is a strong dating scene. There are plenty of places to take a significant other and keep them entertained: trendy cat Pokémon cafes, the movies, the sprawling shopping center, the competitive love hotels that keep driving each other's prices down to you and your date's advantage. While one half of the city is committed to its nightlife, the other is for the more musically-inclined. There's a theater where plays and musicals are being performed every weekend and, more often than not, there are artists sitting outside it, performing for chump change. The mall nearby pulls a lot of customers in a day, stocked with the latest and trendiest and most expensive. Many people leave with bags full of clothes, wondering how they burnt through their wallet so quickly. If you're looking for somewhere to settle down in for the longterm, this city probably isn't for you. The real estate is comprised of cramped, high-rise apartments and tiny homes that cost an arm and a leg to rent. In spite of the strong stereotype against the community, this city is also famous for its acclaimed university and for its Electric Gym and Beauty Hall.
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40 247 Yesterday at 03:49 pm
In: A snake in the grass (open)
By: cynthia hampton
No New Posts r6 - mt. larimar
On the other side of Sodalite Junction is a wide mountain range when the wild nights in the city don't satisfy them, sometimes residents come here for more extreme activities like rock climbing and bungee jumping. It starts off as a gentle slope outside of the city, but quickly grows steep and dangerous to the unexperienced hiker. The lower half of the mountains are rocky and have enough loose stones littered across the ground to make someone lose their footing and tumble back down to Sodalite. Luckily, there are a few well-worn paths that other hikers have made and they're one of the safest routes across Mt. Larimar. There are also Rock- and Fighting-type Pokémon here that are accustomed to being fed by hikers in exchange for getting them through the mountains, so they may pop up to help a weary-looking trainer. For the less adventurous, there's also a train car that can be taken through the mountain from Sodalite Junction to Granite City. Daring travelers can head higher up into the mountains, where the air is cold and thin and it almost always seems to be snowing. Ice-types thrive up here and according to Sunstone City natives, training an Eevee on one of these snowy peaks will allow it to evolve into Glaceon.
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8 41 Yesterday at 11:46 pm
In: Misery Requires Company
By: Belle Castle
No New Posts r7 - copper dunes
Not many people are prepared for the desert waiting for them on the other side of Mt. Larimar. Coming down from biting mountain winds, the blistering heat might be welcome for a minute before it begins to feel too hot. Most travelers swelter in their clothes or strip them off and earn a nasty sunburn because of it. The whole route is confusingly similar and barren, with only sand dunes and cacti and small, shriveled bushes to serve as landmarks. There are a few caves carved out of a rocky outcropping to hide from the heat, but the Pokémon who inhabit them don't usually take kind to human guests. There are apparently fossils to be found beneath the sand, but there aren't many people who can stand being out there long enough to dig them out. The Copper Dunes are frequently afflicted by sandstorms, but a strong Ground-type Pokémon may be able to hold off the storm for a while.
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3 31 Jun 28 2018, 11:14 PM
In: dune surfing
By: aphro
No New Posts granite city
Granite city bakes in the valley of a canyon under direct sunlight and chills when the sun slips out of view. The residents here believe the extreme temperatures make them stronger. In the heart of the city, the battle school has an alumni of Gym Leaders, former Elite Four members, and Ace Trainers to attest to that. Everyone here has a similar and intense view about training and jump eagerly into battle to prove their strength with anyone who is willing. Here, parents aim for their kids to go off to the prestigious Battle School instead of the regular Trainer's School two streets down and kids often feel burdened by the need to get good enough grades to get in. Because of how militaristic the schooling is here, parents from other towns will tell their stubborn children that they're going to send them to Granite City unless they start behaving. Despite their intensity, the community is very open to tourists and travelers alike and the people here know how to chill out when the moment calls for it. Granite City gets dust storms from the neighboring desert occasionally, but the residents treat events like that as more of a nuisance than a concern. The Flying Gym and the Tough Hall are found here.
Subforums: granite gym, granite hall, pokémon center, hostel, practice fields

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6 24 Yesterday at 10:59 pm
In: We're In Foreign Lands
By: axel bain
No New Posts r8 - peridot valley
Further through the canyon, away from the dry desert heat, is Peridot Valley. Small patches of yellow-green grass start to pop up as you move further from Granite City and many travelers find it a welcome sight after walking through miles of muted gray, brown, and golden landscapes. Once Granite City is out of sight, the valley becomes an ocean of green with tiny shrubs and murmuring streams. The trees are sparse out here, leaving people and weaker Pokémon vulnerable to the elements. There are a lot of wild Pokémon to be found on this route, but many of them are shy of human contact and flee to their homes at the sight of them. At a distance, though, you can watch them forage for food or drink from the streams without spooking them. The trail winds through the valley and up into one of the only climbable slopes in the canyon. The air gradually gets colder the higher you climb.
Forum Led by: Pokémod
3 2 Jul 6 2018, 06:40 PM
In: mission b - closed
By: Masquerade
No New Posts r9 - glacier pass
This route is unusually cold. According to elderly Jinoa natives, the route was more aptly named decades ago when there was an abundance of glaciers and an ice sheet that reached out into the sea. With the glaciers came a population of Ice-types that kept this route chilly and well-maintained. In recent years, ice fishers and travelers trying to get from Granite City to Lapis Cove have disturbed the Pokémon community living here. Some have been captured, others have left on their own accord, and now the Ice-type Pokémon population here is the smallest it's ever been since they arrived. The ice sheet has melted down and separated into smaller, dangerous chunks of ice in the water. The few glaciers left are melting steadily now. Despite the Pokémons' attempts to keep things frozen, they can't seem to keep up with the sun's heat. The ground is muddy in spots from meltwater. Dry land abruptly turns to ocean and icebergs after only a few minutes of walking. Ferries don't come this wayvout of fear of scraping their hulls against ice, so a traveler will have to brave the ocean with a Water-type or fly to Lapris Cove on a Flying-type.
Forum Led by: Pokémod
2 0 May 29 2018, 06:46 AM
In: Atheism is a non-prophet or...
By: Ahuitzotl
No New Posts lapis cove
Secluded from the rest of the region, this city is built into the cove it's named after. Lapis Cove gets few visitors from trainers and people looking for a spiritual retreat and people just passing through, but they're content with seeing as little outsiders as possible. Many people, especially the older generation, feel that the outside world is full of impurities. Impure things, impure people. Their obsession with purity has gone so far as to reflect in their white robes. Lapis Cove inhabitants are well-dressed, if a little bit stuck up, and believe that their way of life is the best. The people who are allowed to settle down in the cove are pious in nature, with many of them following the majority religion of the Cove. Lugia is the main deity of worship, as proven by the huge statue made in its likeness in the center of the city. There are several temples in the Cove where people can go to worship, all beautifully built with stained glass windows depicting the Diving Pokémon with wings spread. Like their intensity of avoiding impurity, they are also particularly intense about things they believe in. The monks are pacifistic and live a simple life with simple rules. They get up at dawn to pray and retire at dusk. They live within a strict hierarchy, with the Water Gym Leader and Council of Elders at the top. Although they look down on other cities for being commercialized and materialistic, the people of Lapis Cove aren't completely repulsed by the outside; they have modern technology, they just try to limit the use of it where they can. Because of it's close-knit community, Lapis Cove isn't particularly friendly towards outsiders but they won't turn away a stranger in need. However, that being said, even though they may help, that doesn't mean they'll like it either.
Subforums: lapis gym, pokémon center, lapis beach

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4 55 Jul 11 2018, 04:24 PM
In: beaver dams-
By: Diodore Hardy
No New Posts r10 - amber falls
Amber Falls is one of very few routes out of Lapis Cove that doesn't involve going out onto the water. It's a cavernous tunnel with an underground river that empties out over a waterfall and into a stagnating pool below. The rocks near the water can become dangerously slippery when wet, so there are signs posted at the start and end of the route to remind travelers to watch their step. The cavern is unusually quiet save for the hum of rushing water, attracting groups of Psychic-type trainers looking to hone their Pokémon's skills somewhere away from the usual distractions. Because these trainers spend most of their time flexing their Pokémon's mental strength rather than their physical, the wild Pokémon here have learned to co-exist peacefully with them. The truce is a little shaky, though, because unfamiliar trainers come through periodically and stir up trouble for the locals by battling wild Pokémon.
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1 0 May 12 2016, 12:21 AM
By: admin
No New Posts r11 - moonstone forest
Moonstone Forest is on the peninsula of the region, cradled by a river on one side and bordered by the ocean it pours into on the other. There's something about this forest that has made the people of this region spin a ton of whimsical tales about it. According to some, the forest only lets the the pure of heart into it and everyone else gets spat back out. According to others, it does let the ill-intentioned into the grove, but only to teach them a harsh lesson. While the trees may not actually be able to separate good souls from bad souls, the Pokémon definitely can. They're fiercely protective of the moonstones hidden deep within their woods and will do nearly anything to keep people like Team Rocket from marching in there and stealing it. Because of the wild Pokémons' bonds with each other over the importance of their moonstones, they can easily work together to spin illusions or bait people into following them into a trap set by another Pokémon. And even if you can avoid angering the inhabitants here, the deciduous forest is so dense that the path back out is easily lost beneath the undergrowth. Luckily for the lost souls, the Pokémon very rarely want a human to be trapped in there with them so they'll either guide them or chase them out.
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4 37 Jul 13 2018, 11:48 AM
In: sightseeing
By: finnian abbot
No New Posts r12 - citrine beach
The other side of Moonstone Forest thins out into Citrine Beach. The grass and dead leaves stop at a wooden boardwalk that marks the beginning of this route. Warm, amber-colored sand filled with colorful seashells give this beach its name. This is a popular tourist destination, so much so that a beach-front hotel swooped in and sectioned off part of the route for themselves and their ritzy customers. The wild Pokémon closest to the hotel seem agitated by the loss of their homes, but the hotel's staff have Pokémon intimidating enough to keep them from trying anything. That doesn't stop them from turning their frustrations on travelers just trying to get through, though. Even the least attractive parts of the beach are worth spending a day sunbathing at. The route is named for its beach, but it also encompasses the strait of ocean between the mainland and Opal Isles. It's recommended to take a Water-type Pokémon with you if you plan to brave the water on your own. For people without, there's a ferry that mills back and forth every hour or so.
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No New Posts opal isles
Opal Isles is a chain of small islands located off the peninsula of Jinoa's mainland. The city had humble beginnings as a village on the biggest island in the cluster, but tourists' increasing interest in their pearly white beaches and balmy weather put enough money in the pockets of the village council to start expanding. The biggest island is still the central hub, filled with tall, urbanized buildings in the center and spreading out into quaint little cottages and expensive-looking hotels as you get closer to the coast. The other islands see to a quieter life, with multi-million pokédollar vacation homes and clustered neighborhoods. It's here that you can find little shops full of handmade items made out of seashells to send back home as a souvenir. The Fairy Gym has an isle almost all to itself, sitting pretty beside the palm trees. The residents of Opal Isles, naturally, have Water-type Pokémon. It's not uncommon to see someone out swimming with their party at dawn, or see a group of people surfing together with their Pokémon in the afternoons. The straits between islands are dotted with fishing boats floating lazily in the water, positioned carefully out of the path of a large ferry that takes hundreds of people between the Isles every hour. There are some businesses that rent out their own Water-types so individuals without one can Surf between islands. For a price, of course.
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In: island breeze in my hair
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No New Posts r13 - howlite graves
A graveyard on the outskirts of Zirconia city, protected by wrought iron fence. The gravekeepers who work here like to tell stories of where most of the graves came from. according to them, the Zirconia City coup d'etat, though successful, had cost both sides a precious amount of lives. It's hard to tell whether they're telling they're exaggerating or not; the only truth is in the names and dates on the weathered tombstones. There are human graves as well as Pokémon ones. The grass is kept short inside the graveyard and there are almost always a bouquet of flowers at at least one grave to keep things from feeling too somber. Ghost- and Dark-types can be found prowling the grave site, some malicious and some simply looking to have some fun by scaring passersby. The gravekeepers say some of the Ghost Pokémon here are lingering spirits of the people and Pokémon who were buried here, unable to move on. It'll take a bit of digging to figure out the truth behind Howlite Graves' mysteries.
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In: Dead or Not
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No New Posts zirconia city
An impregnable city surrounded by high, steel walls and a magnesium alloy gate, Zirconia has enjoyed immunity from the threat of Team Rocket lurking outside. This place is also known as the City of Tomorrow, and it becomes very apparent why when you step through its gates. The buildings are clustered together efficiently and made of steel. It seems like a lot of thought went into the architecture and placement for each building, from the tallest office tower to the smallest convenience store. The streets are wide to accommodate the Magnezone taxi services chaffering people from place to place. They also have electric-powered hover cars and a lightning-fast bullet train that can get you anywhere you need to be and fast. The residents here are the best of the best. The best engineers, the best entrepreneurs, the best scientists. Zirconia natives are hardworking and perfectionists to an almost obsessive degree, but they don't look down on others. They believe in discipline and respect. As expected of a city so futuristic, the technology in Zirconia is some of the best in the world and affordable to most of the people living there. Zirconia City wasn't always a sprawling, steel jungle, though. It began as a medieval town with its own monarchy and military, until the common folk gathered together in a coup d'etat, overthrew their royal family, and nurtured their little town until it became the city it is today. You can still catch a glimpse of the city's history from the old cathedrals still standing in Zirconia, a stark contrast to the sleek buildings around them. This city is home to the Steel Gym and the Cool Hall.
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In: late to the party [closed]
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No New Posts r14 - victory road
Victory Road is the last, exhausting leg of a long journey for trainers and coordinators. Built into a mountain only a few miles from Zirconia City, this route is a labyrinth of tunnels and twisting paths up to the peak where the Pokémon League waits. The caverns are poorly lit and full of tough wild Pokémon and trainers looking to get a little more practice in before they challenge the League. Not only will Victory Road test the strength of people's Pokémon, but also the people themselves. It's full of puzzles and obstacles that can't be solved through brute force. Travelers will have to use their heads and trust their Pokémon if they want to get through here in one piece.
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No New Posts pokémon league
The Pokemon League sits at the summit of the mountain, a building as impressive as it is intimidating. It has a domed roof that can be opened during fair weather. After going up the steps and entering the building, the first room is the lobby area where you can heal your Pokémon and take a rest on one of the couches before it's time to check in for a match. Once the time comes, the staff will lead you to the double doors out into the arena. It's a large, rounded platform with rows of stands lining the walls. Depending on which Elite Four member you're fighting, the terrain on the platform may be changed to suit their Pokémon's type. Beating all four will allow you to move on to fight and defeat the Champion.
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In: the elite four and champion
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No New Posts Goldstone Lounge
Goldstone Lounge is a hot spot for socializing. Everyone from trainers to off-duty rangers to civilians come here to meet up with old friends or make new ones. The main area is a large lounge with plenty of chairs to accommodate all the people who mill through every day. There are flat screen TVs set up to keep people entertained, but they mostly just play Pokémon-related channels. At night, though, staff turn the reruns off and switch to popular movies for people spending the night there. There's a few small, competing cafes lining the walls where people can get sandwiches and beverages. For people looking for more substantial meals, there are sit-down restaurants that serve a wide variety of food. The building also has a convenience store-sized Pokémon Center where people can heal their party, withdraw and deposit Pokémon, and stock up on items. While the Pokémon Center isn't big enough to provide room and board, the lounge chairs are comfortable enough to nap in if it's too late to leave and you're particularly desperate for sleep. The Lounge is almost all in-door, with each specialized area sectioned off from the main lounge area.
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No New Posts Practice Rooms
One of the biggest wings in the Lounge is home to the Practice Rooms. It doesn't have an official name, just a colloquial one used between the people who come to Goldstone. Zirconia City had these rooms fitted with the latest virtual reality technology available to them in an attempt to streamline the Pokémon training grind while still keeping things exciting. At the push of a button, the spacious, empty rooms can simulate any kind of environment imaginable at no real harm to the trainers or their Pokémon. The first trainer who arrives at their assigned room can use the touchscreen panel on the wall to decide the rules of the match and what kind of terrain they're going to be fighting on. For indecisive trainers, they can go with the recommended rule settings and a basic environment. Coordinators can use these rooms to practice for future appeals or Contest battles with each other. Fancy outfits, noisy AI audiences, elaborate stages, and more can be simulated to make things more immersive. The Practice Rooms are open to any character who has a Pokémon with them.
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No New Posts Daycare Center
The Daycare Center is in another wing of the Goldstone Lounge, run by an old couple who have been in the business for decades and staffed by a dozen breeders understudying how to properly run their own breeding ventures in the future. This is where you go to breed your Pokémon. The breeding form can be found pinned inside this board.
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In: daycare form
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No New Posts Trading Center
This trading center is the Jinoa branch of Sinnoh's Global Trade System. It was originally a tiny feature in the main hub, but trading grew in demand as more trainers came to the region and it was given its own section in Goldstone Lounge. The staff here rent out spots where people can set up shop and trade or sell their Pokémon and items to people face-to-face. Others can go into the Global Trade System office itself and give them the Pokémon or items they wish to sell and write down what they want for them in return. This is where members can set up in-character or out-of-character shops to sell things.
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No New Posts general chat
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